Getting involved in AnkiDroid

This semester I am logging my own experiences as a contributor to an open source project in  an attempt to understand what kinds of thinking processes I engage in while working on various tasks.  Eventually I want to study open source software communities to identify the tasks and resources in projects that used within a problem-based learning structure can help students not only learn computing skills, but problem solving skills in general.  The project I’ve chosen is called AnkiDroid.  It is a flash card tool for Droid devices built upon Anki, a desktop flashcard program.  I chose AnkiDroid for a number of reasons:

  1. I have an interest in using technology for learning.
  2. I wanted to create a mobile flashcard program for learning Tang Soo Do terminology last year, but the learning curve for developing for the iPhone was too steep.
  3. The program was active
  4. They wanted contributors
  5. Learning materials looked organized
  6. There were tasks I could help with
  7. To help with my own motivation for contributing besides my studies, it was important to be involved in a project that I had interest in and felt I’d eventually have ideas for new functionality.

I’ve only just gotten started, but the project looks interesting.  I like the idea of being able to study anywhere.  The software uses a spaced repetition algorithm to aid in more efficient study, allows embedding images and sound, includes statistics for tracking progress, and many other features.  Below is the AnkiDroid quick overview video.



2 thoughts on “Getting involved in AnkiDroid

  1. Thanks getting involved in AnkiDroid! As you have probably noticed, the overview video was made a long time ago, and AnkiDroid has changed a lot since… this is another area where we are also looking for volunteers 🙂 Screenshots can be taken using either an emulator (clearer image) or a real device. Also, someone just reported a bug with image sizes, you might want to have a look: (left ctrl + F12 to rotate on emulator). Cheers!

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